Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2"; ?>

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

i,  i .   i 
Bieo/Aio=>i i ( Video/Audio=>Advanced )
 ocae aoy  i "oco".
Teep, i   i i [~] (a) 
 -i i  i-i:

god         - ei
notarget    -  AI pi
health 100  - 100% opo'
noclip      - xoi i ci
give all    - c    (opo', oa, i .)
wuss        -  
hide        - i eic
show        -  eic
eventlist   - oaa ci ocoi oa
map #       -  i  # (.  )
spawn #     -  aa pee # (.  )

Ha pii:
Julie's House           - fakkhouse
Julie's Training Area   - training
Eden Homes              - homes1
Landers Roost           - landersroost
Creeper Pens            - creeperpens
Eden Marketplace        - homes2good
Town Center             - towncenter_good
Eden Underground        - under
Eden Underground 2      - over
Eden Shield Generator   - shield
Eden Market Under Siege - home2evil
Otto's Shop             - otto
Towncenter Attacked     - towncenter_evil
Outskirts Of Eden       - cliff1
Eden Cliffside          - cliff2
Mooagly Swamps          - swamp1
Deep Mooagly Swamps     - swamp2
Swamps Confrontation    - swamp3
Billy Goats Gruff       - gruff
We Cemetery             - cemetery
The Wind Of Spirit      - fog
The Water Of Purity     - water
The Sanctity OF Blood   - blood
The Bridge Of Reason    - oracleway
Tomb Of The We          - oracle
Introduction sequence   - intro
End sequence            - end
Unknown                 - gruff_cinema
Unknown                 - zoo

Ha peei:
ammo_flashbangs.tik                   weapon_chainsword.tik
ammo_gascan.tik                       weapon_elecsword.tik
ammo_gasplant.tik                     weapon_firesword.tik
ammo_gunclip.tik                      weapon_flamethrower.tik
ammo_meteor.tik                       weapon_flamethrowergas.tik
ammo_plasma.tik                       weapon_flashbang.tik
ammo_rockets.tik                      weapon_gun.tik
ammo_shell.tik                        weapon_horn.tik
ammo_uziclip.tik                      weapon_hornofconjuring.tik
ammo_bolt.tik                         weapon_largeshield.tik
ammo_rock.tik                         weapon_lightsword.tik
armor_armguard.tik                    weapon_rlauncher.tik
armor_kneepad.tik                     weapon_shotgun.tik
armor_shoulderpad.tik                 weapon_sling.tik
item_bighealthfruit1.tik              weapon_sling_asteroid.tik
item_healthfruit1.tik                 weapon_sling_gas.tik
item_healthmush.tik                   weapon_smallshield.tik
item_healthplant.tik                  weapon_soul.tik
item_healthvial.tik                   weapon_soulsucker.tik
item_bigwaterampoule.tik              weapon_uzi.tik
item_waterampoule.tik                 weapon_2uzis.tik
item_edenwater.tik                    weapon_dualuzi.tik
item_watervial.tik                    claw.tik
item_cop.tik                          creeper.tik
item_crystalshard.tik                 gasyerass.tik
item_dagger.tik                       ghost.tik
item_detonator.tik                    grawlix.tik
item_fogjewel.tik                     harvester.tik
item_bloodshgliek.tik                 horde.tik
item_heart.tik                        lympthorn_f.tik
item_orb.tik                          lympthorn_m.tik
item_swordcrystal_blue.tik            recruiter.tik
item_swordcrystal_red.tik             seasnake.tik
item_tikismall.tik                    shgliek.tik
item_tyleramp.tik                     shgliek_evil.tik
weapon_axe.tik                        suckblow.tik
weapon_cbow.tik                       tyler.tik
weapon_chaingun.tik                   vmama.tik

Bi :
ai pyo epeo, ' py. o i, i a
epei o 'c py. ii  i  '.
pooe o x ip, o ae opo' e cae aca.